NBA Longlist 2020 (114)
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    A Tree by:

    A Tree is Nice is a children’s picture book written by Klara Köttner-Benigni, It was published by Katha, Trees are pretty. They fill up the sky. If you have a tree, you can climb up its trunk, roll in its leaves, or hang a swing from one of its limbs. Cows and babies can nap in the shade of a tree. Birds can make nests in the branches. A tree is good to have around. One poet and twelve tribal storytellers, some of India’s most loved illustrators!

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    Chhutki and Cheero by: Manjari Singh

    Chhutki and Cheero… who are they How did they become friends??

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    Payal is Lost by: Maheen Mirza (Author), Shivani Taneja (Author)

    Payal has not been seen in the basti since morning. Where could she have gone.. ? Come on, let’s go look for her.

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    Picnic at Palashpur by: Nabaneeta Dev Sen

    Mitul and Gugul want to go for a picnic on the black hill. Their Friend Mangal , who is accquainted with Palashpur and its surroundings, takes them on an adventurous trip

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    Ranjan’s Tale by: Nabaneeta Dev Sen

    Ranjan may not understand anything of Mathematics but he is a master cook. Read this tale to find out where his cooking skills take him.

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    Dotted Lines by: Bhuri Bai Bhil

    Learn all about the Bhil tribal people of Madhya Pradesh, earth-caring artists and storytellers. Awesome art brings to life a heartwarming story of a Bhil girl as she becomes an artist, seeing her own world with new creativity.

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    Hungry to Play by: Arti Sonthalia

    Game, set and match! Kabir eats, sleeps and breathes tennis. But when he starts doing badly in Maths, his parents make him a deal—tuitions first, tennis second. To top that, Kabir has to deal with his annoying sister, Mira, the irritating show-off, br>Neel, and some strange tutors. Will Kabir come out on top of his game?.

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    The Adventures of Mooli and the Sticker Trickster by:

    Best friends soups and Mooli are still eager to win a Prize on the cool website, way outs. Join them on their laugh-out-loud adventure as they perform yoga poems and solve the mystery of the sticker trickster. The adventures of Mooli and the sticker trickster is the third in this series of super-funny adventures.

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    The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair and Other Stories by: Lalita Iyer

    Adventurous Lalli and her quirky brother Shivi get into all kinds of madcap escapades-taming crazy curly hair to fart competitions and stealing roses.

    With a dash of mischief, a pinch of daring and a whole lot of fun, these delightful short stories will have you laughing till you drop!

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    Off We Go! To Kolkata, to Kolkata by:

    Get on board with Mithu on a colourful tour of Kolkata and dive headlong into a swirl of sights, smells and sounds. From monuments to parks to bridges to markets to streets to foods, this book unfolds the magic and mystery of the City of Joy—one page at a time!

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