Literature Fest


Creating Readers for Life

Books are humanity in print…Barbara Tuchman.

The biggest gift we can give our children is a thirst for life-long learning that they quench by reading. The Neev Children’s Litfest ( September 15 -16, 2017 ) is conceived as an annual event at Neev Academy to celebrate books and spark the joy of reading in children. It will bring together children, teachers, parents, writers, and anyone else interested and engaged with children’s books.

Our mission, through this festival is to Create readers for life. We aim to create a friendly, family atmosphere in which young book fans can come to events during the festival, enjoy themselves while also being enthused about reading.

The details of Neev Children’s Litfest 2017 are:

  • Three Themes
    • Children’s authors and books – Indian and Global
    • Regional Indian authors and books – representing the richness of our diversity
    • The case for reading
  • Dates; September 15th and 16th (Friday and Saturday)
    • Day 1For schools by Invitation – Workshops on reading, writing and regional stories for children from age 4yrs to 18yrs, split into multiple age groups with longer workshops for older children and brief, multiple sessions for younger ones
    • Day 2Open to public event – Panel discussions and author talks, starting with a surprise keynote speaker, aimed at audiences of parents and children, but also aspiring childrens writers. This day will also have a uniquely diverse and comprehensive exhibition of books for children across English and regional languages
  • Venue; Neev Academy Campus, Yemalur. A verdant 7 acre space centrally located between Indira nagar and Koramangala, with easy access from Sarjapur, Whitefield and other areas of Bangalore.

The challenges facing traditional education from an always-on internet (that makes facts irrelevant) and artificial intelligence/automation (that will make routine work vanish) need schools to equip our kids differently. Curiosity, and Unique ideas will be all-important and children will need to build their own knowledge from questions they have, and to apply knowledge back to the world, seeking and finding information to understand the world. This new world also makes identity an important basis for making choices and decisions and for bringing the unique you to the world. A basic need in all this is – accessing varied bodies of information – being well read, being able to read and access information, and to join the dots differently. We recognise that children read lesser than we did. But they access information in many different ways than we do. Text comes in many forms– the kind we grew up with, textbooks and novels, but also in addition, blogs, short stories, videos. This inter-textuality, needs an even higher degree of reading skills to handle varied sources. It needs children to be strong readers first.

Neev Academy ( was founded as a city centre IB school to move beyond the tyranny of either/or to both/and – academic rigor and inquiry, skills and opinions, sciences and arts, sports and nature, strong identity and a global outlook – at the base nurturing both discipline and creativity. We recognize that knowledge today is way beyond textbooks and we have opened our program to global and local issues, field trips, questioning and research. This needs the school to exchange with the community – as a porous nerve centre that has people and information flowing in and out – in the daily learning of our children. Read to learn so you can learn to read, is a core part of student life at Neev. The Neev children’s litfest is our first event for the larger Bangalore community.

Books have the power to connect. We welcome schools, students, teachers, parents, writers and other book lovers. Please reach out to us at if you’d like to be a part of our festival – to help us create it, participate in it or attend it!

When poet W.B Yeats said ‘Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire’, we believe he was referring to a lifelong love of reading. Help us move that dream forward.